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About Suhara Jewels

The eponymous Suhara Jewels is named after its founder and principal designer, Suhara Omar (“Suhara”) who started the brand 2007. A home-grown brand with simple roots, Suhara Jewels has grown into a premier high quality fashion jewellery brand. The  first Suhara Jewels boutique opened its door to the public in 2009 at Bangsar Shopping Centre with its first brand name as Suhara Jewel Art.

Suhara Jewels draws its design inspiration  from nature and environment. Principal designer, Suhara pays tribute to nature in all her pieces, giving all her products a distinctive signature that is instantly recognizable by her clientele. The disgner’s artistic jewellery pieces are inspired by branch of a tree, petals of flower, the curve of a peacock’s feather, corals, nautilus shell, fish, butterflies and many more aspects of nature. Most of the jewellery is handcrafted from 925 silver, occasionally plated with 18 carat gold. Silver is the base metal of choice because it represents purity, is elemental and expressive, hardy to work with and can be elegant and quirky at the same time. It is also the perfect contemporary setting for precious and semi-precious gems and pearls.

About Iqlas

IQLas – Sincerity. Straight from the Heart. The Intelligent Choice.

IQlas by Suhara jewels is our new ready to wear range for the sophisticated and elegant lady.

IQ – Intelligence is part of our design, with the view that the jewellery of our time does not need to stand out, but to complement the main beauty of the woman wearing it – the intelligence of the woman herself. IQlas believes that the jewellery we design empowers women, enhances their confidence and complements their intelligence and elegance.

IQlas brings to you a modern range for the modern woman, tasteful, elegant, and intelligent. Just like our customers.